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My cows were beauty contestants today! Every few months a classifier from Holstein Canada compares each of my cows to the “perfect” cow. 


The perfect Holstein cow.

They use a hand held computer that has all my cow information on it such as her age, her calving date, how many lactations (time between calves) she’s had and previous scores. Every inch of the cows is graded. They look at everything from the length of her teats and the texture of her udder to the strength of her back and legs.  

Dorothy’s score card

   We use this information to breed our cows to a bull that will hopefully improve any traits that are weak. A computer analysis will help us choose the best mate for our cows, or we can pick one from a bull proof chart (also in my photo section). Bulls are also chosen to improve health traits as well as milk, fat and protein production. You can even choose sexed semen to help guarantee a heifer (female) calf. It’s all pretty complex, but it is an important part of our farm. 


Bull proof sheet.


The winner on this round was Dorothy at 92 points out of 100! Her points may go up as she gets older.  Dorothy is a pretty nice looking cow, but we treat every cow like a beauty queen on our farm. Each one is as important as the next!

Edward the Classifier


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