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[(family + pride) x hard work] – cruelty = farming 

The mathematics of agriculture isn’t always as simple as I make it out to be in this equation. It’s not as easy as cows using cowculators and farmers using protractors. There is a lot of other things that could go into the equation. Things like weather and the economy can really mess up the calculations. So let’s keep things simple and break this equation into parts. 


Family is the heart and soul of the farm with 98% of farms being family owned and operated. Many of these families have passed their passion for the land and livestock down for many generations. That brings me to the next factor in the equation. The addition of….


Unless you are a farmer there is no way to explain the pride that we feel to be among the few that feed the many. Whether it is bringing new life into the world or growing fields of crops from just a few seeds it’s a privilege to do what we do. Knowing that our hard work nourishes not only our families but also the people of the world is one of the main reasons why we farm. Let’s talk a little bit more how that hard work factors into the equation.

Hard Work

There is a reason why there aren’t many farmers left in the world. Not everyone is cut out for the long hours of physical labour. With cows to milk and animals to care for every day, down time is a luxury. If you happen to be lucky enough to get away for a break from the farm there is always the weather and the crops to work around. Farming is a 365 day a year job so you better enjoy what you do! That leaves us to the only subtraction in the equation…


Unfortunately there is always a fraction of cruelty in every equation but it’s not the norm. We’ve all seen the twisted videos that extremists use to try to convince consumers that farmers are all animal abusers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Livestock farmers enjoy caring for animals. That’s why they dedicate their lives to farming. People abuse pets and even other people but that doesn’t make all people abusers. The same goes for farmers. You can’t paint everyone with the same brush. The actions of a few bad apples don’t represent the true picture of farming. Not only are happy animals productive animals, taking care of them is the right thing to do.  


It’s time to solve the equation. When we add the pride of farm families, factor in their hard work and remove any notion of cruelty we are left with farming

[(family + pride) x hard work] – cruelty = farming 

Love is at the heart of every farm and compassion is in the heart of every farmer.                                                                         ~Farmer Tim

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