It’s amazing how the people that you meet growing up help shape you into who you are today.
I was going through a box of old books last week and I came across my copy of Only a Farm Boy by Frank V Webster. It’s the novel about a boy who grew up, moved away from the farm and became very successful. He was no longer “just a farm boy.” It was given to me by one of my favourite public school teachers with the hopes that I would aspire to become someone more – not “just a farm boy”. She meant no wrong by it because as a teacher it was her job to challenge me and I was one of her star pupils. Throughout life I’ve struggled with who I am. I’m an academic at heart with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to teach, but I also have a very close relationship with the land. The blood of generations of farmers before me pulses through my veins.

To make a long story short I’ll always be a farm boy, but I’ve learned that farming can take you farther than you can ever imagine. Agriculture is changing rapidly with technology and innovation so there is no end to learning new things. I’ve fulfilled my desire to teach not only through my blog, but with school tours of our farm and with student volunteers. Farming is a job to be proud of. It’s a big responsibility to be one of the few who feed the many. I’m thankful to my public school teacher for pushing me to be more and helping me realize that you don’t have to leave the farm to be successful. It isn’t so bad being “only a farm boy”. 😉 Always be proud of who you are.