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by Farmer Tim

A farmer’s hands have felt the first heart beats of a new born calf as it was carried to the safety of a warm barn. 

A farmer’s hands have been cracked and calloused by long days of dedication to a job that requires a work ethic second to none. 

A farmer’s hands have shielded eyes as they longingly searched the horizon for the rains to come quench the partched soil. 

A shake of a farmer’s hand will close a deal in a world where a person’s word means more than any binding legal agreement ever will. 

A farmer’s hands have sown seed and harvested the rewards from long days of patiently nurturing the land. 

A farmer’s hands have hugged children at the death of a pet and comforted them as it was buried in the back 40. 

A farmer’s hands have wiped away  tears at the loss of livestock after knowing that they did their best, but still wished that they could have done more. 

A farmer’s hands have bled from skinned knuckles during the hurried repairs of a rushed harvest season. 

A farmer’s hands have wiped away the sweat from a brow as bales of hay are piled on the hottest day of the year so that livestock can have feed for the long, cold winter. 

A farmer’s hands have been frostbitten by the cruel winter winds as they broke the ice on a frozen water trough so that their livestock could drink.  

A farmer’s hands have been folded in prayer to give thanks for a bountiful crop. 

The unforgiving sun has turned a farmer’s hands into leather from long days of picking stones and digging post holes. 

Caked in grease, a farmer’s hands ache from tightly gripping the steering wheel of an old tractor while making countless trips up and down a field. 

A farmer’s hands may not be soft and manicured, but they tell a story. It’s a story of pride, hard work and dedication. Their hands  can be strong when challenged yet gentle when needed. They are something to be proud of. You can tell a lot about a person from their hands. What story do yours tell? 

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