Farmers are notoriously hard to buy for.  I’ve had a number of people ask me for ideas so I thought that I would share a list of unique things that I have received as “farmer friendly” gifts over the years.  Of course we always appreciate socks and underwear but it’s always fun to get something a little different. I am also being price conscious because not everyone can afford drones and new tractors.

  1. Are you tired of having to take your boots off every time that you need to slip into the house for something? Perhaps you are annoyed at the farmer in your life for leaving a trail of straw and dirt throughout the house? These boot slippers by might be the perfect solution for keeping the peace in your household. I got mine from an old friend. For yours check out Bigfoot of Maine
  2. Its a myth that all dairy farmers love to wake up early.  Its especially hard for me to drag my butt out of bed on these dark winter mornings.  A dawn/dusk simulator light is the perfect solution.  Why not wake up to a gradual simulated sunrise?  It makes a world of difference when starting my day.  It is a really ‘bright’ idea for anyone. There are many styles to choose from. Here is one example Dawn Simulator Clock .
  3. Farming can be a lonely job so its always nice to be able to listen to music or podcasts around the barn or on the tractor.  Little speakers like one this link to your cell phone via Bluetooth.  Set one beside you while you unload hay or stack wood. It makes the job a little more bearable. My son bought me my iHome speaker at BestBuy.
  4. Farmers are passionate about what they do and they are proud of their agricultural roots. Do you have any of historic “junk” around the farm? Be creative and turn some old barn boards or rusty metal into something to treasure.  My son dug this old tractor seat out of one of our fields and turned it into a clock for me.
  5. Keep it local.  Farmers take pride in the food that they produce so they are always flattered when someone gifts them back some of their hard work.  As a dairy farmer I love getting unique artisan cheeses made with 100% Canadian milk like my favourite “Five Brothers” found at Gunn’s Hill Artisan CheeseThe Dairy Distillery in Almonte Ontario crafts an amazing vodka using milk from Ontario dairy farmers. I also loved the gift of Canadian Cream made with fresh Ontario milk from Gretzky Estates
  6. I have yet to get one of these (hint, hint), but I would love a heated shirt, jacket, mitts or hoodie that is run by a small battery pack.  Its no fun spending time outside in the cold when the windchill can dip down to -40C here in Canada.  Heated clothing would help keep me cozy and also keep my muscles warm to help prevent strain injuries. There are many brands to choose from but I saw these rechargeable hand warmers at Lee Valley and some heated shirts at TSC
  7. I have a huge collection of jack knives partly because they are super handy but mostly because I keep misplacing them 😒. My absolute favourite knife is a folding utility knife.  It’s a ‘cut’ above the rest. They are the BEST knife for cutting strings off of hay bales and slicing balage plastic and mesh.  They are also extremely sharp so be careful! They often come with extra reversible blades and make great stocking stuffers. I found mine at Canadian Tire
  8. In this modern era of farming, cell phones are a must for most farmers.  Most of you already know that a durable phone case is important but in this cold weather a batter pack can come in handy.  It only takes minutes for the cold to zap a cell phone of power.  A batter pack can be a lifesaver in an emergency situation or when Farmer Tim needs to take that perfect photo and he has already blogged away his cell phones power 😒 They are also great for long days on the tractor when you don’t have a proper phone plug. I got my Insignia charger at BestBuy but there are many other kinds and sizes to choose from.
  9. We have a bigger collection of coffee mugs that we should have but there is one that stands out above the rest. It’s rugged and it keeps coffee hotter way longer than anyother mug that we’ve seen. Just don’t burn your tongue. My wife loves her Zojirushi mug! I want mine in IH red 😉
  10. Farmers are tied to the weather. It’s a love-hate relationship. I personally love weather gadgets. It could be a Galileo thermometer, a mini-weather station, a rain gauge, a thermometer, a barometer or my personal favourite gift from my wife – a Storm Glass . There are many shapes and sizes available.
  11. Okay I lied. I couldn’t stop at 10 ideas but this one should be on everyone’s list anyway. The truth is that farmers don’t really need gifts. They have everything that they want. They have animals to care for, land to nurture and families that love them. However, there is one thing that ever farmer could use – the gift of understanding. Simply understand that we will sometimes be late for supper and we may smell a tad barny from time to time. Happy shopping everyone. 👨‍🌾

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