I hate it when people share posts without reading all the content first, or checking the source to make sure that the information is true. That’s why I started my blog. I am trying to stop the spread of misinformation.

People are often surprised to hear that on our farm we brush our cow’s teeth three times a week. Some dairy farmers do it more often depending on the cow’s diet. Hay contains a lot of natural sugars that can be hard on a cow’s tooth enamel. I make up a special blend of barley seeds and water that works as a course toothpaste to rub off the tartar and plaque. Thankfully cows only have a lower set of front teeth. It makes brushing them so much easier. They quickly learn to open up for a brushing when they get a taste of the yummy barely mixture. The cow with the best teeth at the end of the month gets an award. It’s nothing much. Just a little “plaque” 😉. You never need to worry about Farmer Tim spreading misinformation on his page unless it’s APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!! Did I fool you? It’s easy to spread misinformation. Don’t be a fool. Do your research before you share anything, but this is one mistruth that I welcome you to share 🐮