Many people forget that livestock farmers are also crop farmers. It’s not always easy cramming in time to plant crops when you already have a full day of caring for your animals. It’s no wonder we develop some of these symptoms.

1) blank stare from hours of looking out of the tractor at seemingly endless fields while planting

2) 5 o’clock shadow from not having time to look after your basic needs (it’s not like we need to look good for entertaining guests anyway) -I call this “beard farming” – I always grow an awesome crop

3) gaunt expression from skipping a meal or two (it’s okay, I could stand to lose a few pounds)

4) developing a nervous twitch from constantly stressing about the long range weather forecast ☔️☀️☔️☀️

5) stiff fingers from having a death grip on the tractor steering wheel (I need an auto-steer)

6) “planter’s brain” from fixating about all the work that needs to be done (symptoms include forgetting the names of your kids – I am happy if I remember if I even have kids – I think that I do…maybe)

7) bags under eyes from extra long days (remember that cows still need to be milked and fed) 😴

8) a little irritable from the lack of sleep and watching the fuel, seed and fertilizer bills pile up but that will quickly pass when planting is done

*Note: symptoms persist until planting is complete, but may reoccur a few days later when hay season starts 😫

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